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Vizly lets you chat with your data, visualize insights, and perform analysis.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Vizly?

Vizly is an AI-powered data scientist that lets you chat with your data, visualize insights, and perform analysis. Our users can simply upload their data and uncover insights immediately.

Is Vizly free to use?

Yes! All users can send up to 10 messages a month for free. After reaching the limit, you can upgrade your plan on your Profile page.

How do I get started?

Sign up to Vizly and immediately start asking questions and creating visualizations from your data. For more instructions on how to get started, check out our Getting Started guide.

What data sources are supported?

Vizly currently supports CSV, Excel, and JSON file formats, with more on the way.

Does Vizly have a student discount?

Yes! We offer a 50% discount to any students or universities. Sign up with your academic email to have the discount automatically applied or send us an email at for your discounted subscription.

Can I use Vizly at my company?

Yes! Vizly is built for organizations and can be used immediately at your company. For additional hosting, security, and data source options, register your interest in our enterprise offering here.


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