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Getting Started with Vizly

Step 1: Upload a data source

To upload a data source, drag and drop a CSV, Excel, or JSON file into the chat. You can also press Select files or click Upload in the Files panel on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Ask a question

You can begin a conversation with Vizly by simply asking a question in the chat. Vizly will translate your natural language queries into Python code that can be executed on your uploaded data. For example, some questions you could ask might look like:

  • Display the total revenue for each month.

  • Find the distribution of product prices.

  • Show me the average temperature for each month over the past year.

Step 3: Visualize Data

Vizly can create rich, interactive visualizations from your data.

Vizly can support any visualization type, including:

  • Bar charts: Used when comparing quantities across categories. To prompt Vizly for a bar chart, you could ask: Visualize the distribution of project expenses by department using a bar plot.
  • Piw charts: Used when representing proportions between categories. To prompt Vizly for a pie chart, you could ask: Display a pie chart showing the proportion of project budget allocated to different activities.
  • Line charts: Used when illustrating trends over time. To prompt Vizly for a line chart, you could ask: Show me a line plot depicting the trend in stock prices over the past month.
  • Sankeys: These plots visualize flow and relationships between different entities. To prompt Vizly for a sankey, you could ask: Generate a Sankey plot to illustrate the flow of products through different stages of production.
  • Scatter plots: Valuable for showcasing relationships between two variables. To prompt Vizly for a scatter plot, you could ask: Show me a scatter plot illustrating the relationship between advertising expenditure and sales revenue.

Step 4: Export data

If you need to export your analyzed or transformed data, you can do so here. Provide a name for the export file and choose your preferred data format (CSV or Excel). A download link will be generated for you.

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